Website Indexing & Submission to Search Engines

Does Google know that your website exists? Not necessarily, especially if your site is fairly new. It is important that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! know not just about your website, but also about all of the pages on your website, so that they can all be indexed, and ultimately, found by users and potential customers.

Website indexing is the process by which a search engine collects and stores the data on your website. Sometimes, search engine crawlers, or bots, can completely miss pages of your site. This can happen if a page is not a part of the main navigation systems, or if there are no internal links pointing to that page. If a page is missed when your website is crawled, then it is not indexed, and it won’t be included in search results.

Sabre is completely dedicated to creating an SEO strategy that works for you. We make it a practice to submit all of our websites, and all of their pages, to the major search engines.